Why RePlanup ERP?

RePlanup is a web-based software as service for dairy industries, Chilling Centers and Collection Centers. It’s complete ERP software having modules Like Procurement, Payroll, Transportation, Productions, Inventory, Accounts, Quality, Collection Center, and Reports.

The RePlanup Procurement module has facilities to Purchase Milk as per FAT and SNF and auto calculate Milk rate as per FAT/SNF Rate Charts. It has weight machine support to purchase tanker milk and also have the facility to send automated SMS daily to farmers for milk purchase.

The RePlanup Payroll module has facilities to manage employee shift rotation wise, HR can create unlimited variations of rotation by using shifts.

Inventory module with expiration date tracking that minimizes waste.

Account Module that helps to determine your profitability and opportunities for cost saving.

Easy to Use

User interface is clean, easy & compact.

Provides Custom Themes

Have facility to change the color of user interface.

Access anywhere anytime

Have facility to make it accessible from anywhere.

A cost-effective solution

Have yearly subscription plans so no need to purchase costly software.

App fledged with facilities

RePlanup have facilities including, but not limited to

  • Milk rate chart as per FAT and SNF.
  • 10 days, 15 days, 30 days farmer payment posting.
  • Import milk purchase entries.
  • Auto GST submission
  • SMS Support.
  • Serial port support for weight machine.
  • 100% data privacy
  • Auto calculation of salary by using pre defined salary heads.

Benefits of RePlanup System

  • Auto farmer payment posting.
  • Tracking of farmer advance payment and deduction.
  • Multiple rate charts as per purchase session.
  • Tracking loss of milk.
  • Auto salary calculation by using pre-defined salary heads.
  • Statutory deductions
  • Apply or Terminate farmer rate chart.
  • Apply or Terminate farmer commissions.
  • Online payment in farmer posting (coming soon).
  • Tracking of inbound and outbound vehicles trips.
  • Multiple collection center management.
  • Procurement Route planning.
  • Transportation route planning.
  • Outbound trips expense tracking

RePlanup ERP Modules


Module for farmer milk purchase

CC Procurement

Module for farmer milk purchase


Module for attendance, salary, shifts


Module for inbound/outbound trips


Module for accounting & GST submission


Module for production


Module for Quality Check of products & Milk


Module for stock management


Manage automated SMS for milk purchase


Manage online payment


Morethan 300 reports


Module to configure setting